Kura About


At Kura Oncology, we are committed to realizing the promise of precision medicines for cancer.

The genomics revolution is transforming how we treat cancer. We now understand that how a patient responds to treatment depends in part on the genetic makeup of the cancer and, importantly, we have the knowledge and tools to create targeted treatments and companion diagnostics to identify those patients most likely to benefit. This new era offers the potential for innovative treatments that are safer and more effective for patients with particular cancers.

We are leveraging our insights into cancer genetics as well as our core strength of translating novel science into life-saving medicines to advance a pipeline of precision medicines for the treatment of solid tumors and blood cancers. Our pipeline consists of small molecule drug candidates that target cancer signaling pathways where there is a strong scientific and clinical rationale to improve outcomes by identifying those patients most likely to benefit from treatment.

Our lead drug candidate is tipifarnib, a farnesyl transferase inhibitor, which is currently being studied in multiple Phase 2 clinical trials. Our pipeline also includes KO-947, an ERK inhibitor, currently in a Phase 1 trial, and KO-539, an inhibitor of the menin-MLL protein-protein interaction, currently in preclinical testing.

Our goal is to help patients with cancer lead better, longer lives.